Behind the Design with Founder & Creative Director Marloe Morgan


 VIEVE is the most recent collection release for Marloe Marloe, what was the inspiration?

This collection was inspired by all that lies beneath, an exploration of colour, texture and form. Vieve is a celebration of our innate connection to our oceans and the curious obsession we have with the beauty of the forever-shifting life source that is our oceans. 

So little is understood about life beneath the surface of the ocean and I find myself captivated by the mystery, abundant life and tranquility of the sea. The abundance of colour, life and moment was a central focus of this body of work and I hoped to capture that through reimagined forms and experimenting with surface textures that reflected that beauty.

Can you speak to the creative process behind Drop 1?

We worked with two of our production partners to create the body of work that makes up Vieve.

Firstly we worked with Kevala Ceramic to develop the Lilac Pearl forms that encompass our mainline and cult Marloe Marloe shaped vessels. Our community are continuing to return season after season for our signature shapes in a reimagined way. Our Stevie vessel is still after so many years our number 1 selling form and I love the heritage that is being built around the core vessels that we are so well known for. 

It was our intention to capture the mystery, movement and beauty of the ocean in a serene and calming way. The hexagon surface pattern on these pieces is carved by hand, row by row to create a uniform yet uneven surface for the lilac pearl glaze to flow across. This combination of glaze and carving results in an incredible wash of glaze flowing down each form like that of the rolling ocean.

Can you speak to the development and making techniques that made Drop 2 possible?

The second capsule within Vieve was created in partnership with Gaya Ceramic located in Ubud, Indonesia. This collaborative process was inspired by the intention to reimagine forms from the sea floor.

We worked closely with our makers to develop a series of vases, candle holders, vanity and kitchen works steeped in both beauty and function. We could not be more proud of this intricate body of work. Each form is wheel thrown and decorated by hand with the utmost care and attention.  

The work involved in creating each form can be upward of 3 weeks and takes incredible skill and craftsmanship to achieve. We will be sharing snippets of the making process on socials and we hope that our community will love these works as much as we have loved creating them.

Finally, what are your favourite pieces from this new collection and how will you be incorporating them into your space?

This collection is a little more colourful and playful than our past collection which brings me so much joy. I am lucky enough to be able to pinch a few samples which I have styled around the house already.

Both the Vieve and Eve vessels are my go-to vases from this collection. The subtle wash of transparent gloss is impeccable and I find these pieces very calming with so much detail to admire over a cup of tea. I am also obsessed with the Chloe serving bowl as it is the perfect styling piece for the coffee table and moves seamlessly into the kitchen for salads and shared meals.