Productivity tips for WFH with Beck Wadworth

Business woman & friend of the brand Beck Wadworth has worked hard on perfecting an organised workspace. Founder of cult stationary brand, An Organised Life, Beck started the brand out of a desire to bring structure & organisation into both hers and the lives of others. 

Being seasoned at working from home, having split her time between her home in Auckland New Zealand, and her brand HQ in Sydney, Australia, we asked Beck to share with us her top tips for finding productivity while working from home. Now with coffee in hand, find inspiration to start your working week off with some small but effective productivity hacks, thanks to Beck. 

  1. Start your day with a structured morning routine

When you're working from home it's extremely important you create a morning routine as you would if you worked from an office. For example you might go for a walk, come home - have a coffee & breakfast, catch up on the news, get changed (Yes, that's right - don't work in your PJ's!), check your diary, go through your to-do list - start your day. This routine creates structure but also direction & focus. 

  1. Create a functional & organised workspace

It’s important to have a dedicated space to work from when you WFH. It doesn't have to be a full on home office but set up a wee corner or a space on your dining table that you can pack down easily in the evenings. There are no rules but having a dedicated space you can go to everyday will help you with your daily routine & focus.

Avoid clutter & make sure your space is functional, organised & inspiring. Add your favourite scent, find somewhere with natural light, & think about adding beautiful pieces (like the Marloe Marloe tray) that can double as a pen holder. Ensure everything you use frequently is easy to access & give everything a place. A clear space = a clear mind.

Note: If you set up in a common area of your home - make sure you pack away everything at the end of each day. Trust me! Otherwise you will constantly feel like 'work' is right there & you're surrounded by it 24/7. It's good to separate personal & professional home life.

  1. Write your to-do list the night before & priortise it

The easiest way to ensure you are productive, especially when working from home, is to create and utilise a daily to-do list. Jot down every single thing you need to do and prioritise your workload in a methodical way. This allows you to put everything into perspective, immediately reducing your stress levels and giving you a structured way to get through your workload. I love the satisfying feeling of ticking off each task throughout the day too!

Make sure you also prioritise your to-do list every day with a system that works for you – maybe it’s colour coding or it could be utilising symbols. Define your x 3 MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) and focus on these first, while your brain is feeling fresh.

  1. Time block or utilise alarms

Another great thing to do to enhance your productivity is to work in time blocks or utilise alarms. One of the positives of working from home is that it does give you the flexibility to be able to do more of what you love rather than just being at the office 9-5.30pm straight. If you want to stop for a long lunch, or a midday walk or a coffee/Facetime break with loved ones then you can do this. Just make sure you have divided your day into time blocks to ensure you get everything done. If you don't have anything specific to stop for utilising time blocks is still helpful especially for scheduling proper breaks.


5. Focus on your wind down routine

At the end of the working day, create a wind down routine. I suggest finishing up any outstanding emails, tidying your space (or putting it away if you're in a common area of your home - that's important!), checking your diary & writing your to-do list for the following day. Switch everything off & walk away. This routine will ensure you feel prepped & prepared for the following day & will allow you to transition back into your personal life with ease knowing you are mentally prepared for what is to come.

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