The Vessel Edit with Anfisa Floral

Anfisa is a contemporary floral design studio based in Perth, Australia. To founder, Julia, floristry is an art form. She is driven by the desire to push the boundaries of traditional floristry, seeking to achieve unique and sculptural forms that work in balance with the spaces they occupy. We chat to Julia about her creative process, her sustainable business practices & share her incredible work using MARLOE MARLOE vessels in a series created by Julia, The Vessel Edit. 

Introduce yourself, what do you do & where are you from? 

My name is Julia, and I am a Founder & Creative Director at Anfisa - a contemporary floral design studio in Perth, Australia.

Tell us more about the philosophy of your floristry business, how are you driven by sustainability? 

Anfisa is driven by the desire to push the boundaries of traditional floristry. We seek to create unique and sculptural forms that work in balance with the spaces they occupy.

To us, the core foundation of floral design lies in the celebration of nature. Hence, the concept behind the company's ethos is rather simple - we strive to protect the very element that allows us to create.

[Our day-to-day practices include utilising recyclable and reusable materials, composting green waste, and never using floral foam. Those are non-negotiable.]

Talk to us about your designs for the Vessel Edit, what inspired these? 

The Vessel Edit is a series of curated works that seeks harmony between a vessel and flowers.

It's a journey to discover artists whose work inspires me. I find that collaborations with artists in different visual mediums are essential in pushing Anfisa forward.

Come to think of it, The Vessel Edit started as an avenue of transforming the obsession with unique vases into something of body and value. It is an unintentional ambassadorship in promoting the art of a vessel and those behind the craft. 

And your creative process, do you have rituals that allow for you to connect to this process?  

Every vessel is charged with unique energy and, to some degree, has a medium of communication that can be tactile, visual or emotional.

Some pieces evoke tactile associations (i.e. sand, tree bark, coral), others drive by their shape and colour, while some offer flexibility to accept whatever mood you might be in. It all comes down to the piece at play - sometimes, just holding a vessel for a split-second sparks an idea, while other times inspiration comes from what the environment presents at the time.

What's coming up for Anfisa? We're excited to watch it unfold. 

We have a long but exciting journey ahead of us, with quite a few projects in the works.

You will definitely see The Vessel Edit evolving further and becoming accessible to those who want to incorporate floral and vessel art into their everyday lives.

We are also working on taking the concept of sustainable floristry up a notch, but I will keep this under the wraps for now.

Julia styles our STEVIE in CAPRI & LULLY in LAVA & BONE